Adygei is one of the unique corners of  Russia – a republic situated nearly in the centre of  Krasnodar Territory in the Western Caucasia. A part of the republic is situated in the foothills of the Main Caucasian mountain ridge in the State Caucasian Biosphere Reserve with unique flora and fauna, formed on the territory of the ancient Tetis Ocean, distinguished by the relief of its multiple alps. In Adygei you will encounter a lot of waterfalls, the largest caves in Russia, a unique mountain monastery, ancient table-stones and canyons, formed  millions of years ago.  During the World War II in the mountains of Adygei in the Western Caucasia battles with German mountain brigades “Edelweiss” took place. In this historic Russian area weapon and perished soldiers  still  can be found.

At your disposal: conducted tours, physical activities, corporative programmes, business and custom tours.

We offer:

  • 4x4 Off-road safari         
  • Bicycle tours
  • Hiking mountain tours
  • Ecological tours
  • Rafting
  • Winter and summer vacation in tourist centers
  • Christmas programmes
  • Individual and group tours
  • Excursions, introducing Adygei culture and the most famous places
  • Horse-riding tours  in the foothills of Adygei      
  • Family tours

4x4 Off-road Safari

4x4 off-road safari is a unique possibility to travel by 4x4 vehicles in the foothills and mountains of Western Caucasian, State Caucasian Biosphere Reserve – the famous Lagonaki plateau (1500 m.), where 2800 m. alps can be observed.

Routs start at the end of asphalt roads. We will take you to the mountain plateau, solitary canyons, purest mountain rivers near the Main Caucasian ridge…

You will be accompanied by our  experienced drivers who guide captivating excursions for the tourists visiting Caucasia for many years. For the tours we provide you with Russian jeeps named UAZ, which you can drive yourself if you wish.

After one day trip you will return to your cozy hotel room, and if your off-road safari takes 2-3 days you will spend nights in mountain tourist shelters or in tents in the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve.

Bicycle tours

Bicycling is one of the most exciting ways to get acquainted with wonderful nature of Caucasian foothills, explore the peculiarities of the area and meet people inhabiting it.

Caucasian bicycle routes are distinguished by the variety of landscapes and types of pavements that include asphalt roads, country-tracks, forest and steppe roads, mountain routes through canyons and ridges. You will see unique sights of Western Caucasia – caves, waterfalls, mountain rivers, fascinating canyons, historical monuments, and experience famous Caucasian hospitality.

Easy and educative bicycle tours in the foothills of Western Caucasia are meant for all categories of tourists in good physical form and require no special training.

Hiking tours

For those who like to travel on foot, we can offer exciting routes in the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve and adjacent territories.

Mountain tracks will lead you to the high plateaus, alpine meadows, foots of cliffs, mountain lakes and rivers, and the lowest in the world glaciers of Fisht. The tour is meant for people in any physical from and with different background training.

We offer special mountain tours that include climbing up the peaks of the Fisht-Oshten  mountain range in the Main Caucasian ridge.

The  Fisht-Oshten  mountain range can be named the beginning of the mountain regions of the Caucasus. From its peaks you can see Elbrus, Main Caucasian ridge and its foothills. Our rout offers the following peaks: Fisht (2867 m), Oshten (2804 m), Pshekha-Su (2744 m). All of them are easy to mountaineer, but require of you to be in good form.

Our mountain-climbing instructors are professional and experienced specialists who know the region, natural and weather peculiarities of the foothills and mountains of the Western Caucasia. All of them are highly experienced in working with tourists and can lead non-standard groups.

Discover the beauty and grandeur of the Western Caucasia!


Rafting is the most exciting type of activity! You raft on inflatable or other vehicles like catamarans, rafts, and kayaks down the river Belaya that springs from the mountains of the Western Caucasia. On the river Belaya the annual All-Russian competition “INTERRALLY Belaya” takes place. And in 2006 the European championship was conducted there, in which European and Russian teams took part.

Despite the fact that river Belaya has rough temper, we can offer you routs of various difficulty. All routs are certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, rafting is lead by professional instructors who were specially trained to raft on the river Belaya.

We maintain the following priorities:

  • choosing the very best options when organizing tours;
  • individual service for each client;
  • the most reasonable rates;
  • the exclusive use of highly-qualified personnel;
  • stable relationships with partners;
  • great choice of accommodation conditions

Our main principle – each client is entitled  to be in good mood and has the right to get a perfectly well-organized holiday and we take great care to provide exactly that! 

The main rule while organizing tours is tourists protection - our routs are annually certified by the Maikop department of Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations in Adygei Republic.

Leading active tourism organizations in Adygei are our most reliable and professional partners. We possess an excellent infrastructure and equipment base, skilled and experienced staff – and we are open for cooperation on a stable and long-term partnership basis. 

Visiting the Adygei Republic will become an unforgettable fantastic experience for you!!!

Our great experience and a wealth of local knowledge allow us to create various programmes.  Among them are role programmes, conducted according to an adventurous script that not all of the participants may be aware of. Here you’ll also find “Military” programmes – a possibility to fight a mimic battle, with no beaten people but with presence of competitive team spirit. In the course of the programme the participants give a work-out to tactical techniques of military actions in the foothills and mountains. Then follows a game in the  rock, cave, forest and river area. The target is to perform a task and occupy the high ground. The role programme scripts may be very unusual and unpredictable.

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